Wednesday, January 28, 2009

The Need for Continuing Education

ACA Instruction - Hands on LearningWhether you paddle in whitewater, canoe on flatwater, paddle a sit on top in the surf zone or fish from a kayak, the need to constantly continue your paddlesports education is paramount. What are the latest safety & rescue techniques for river runners? When was the last time you really practiced using that throw rope stored in the bottom of your boat? Navigating from the cockpit of your sea kayak is different than reading a map on your favorite trail.

How often do you practice re-entering a canoe in deep water? Have you ever heard of the Heel Hook Rescue for a canoe? (If not, click

Improving your paddling technique will provide you with the opportunity to paddle farther and maybe even faster without tiring out as easily. The ACA has provided a series of
Additional Resources, including an article on Paddling Foundations, for all canoeists and kayakers.

Regardless of your skill or expereince level, consider taking a refresher course this spring with a certified
ACA Instructor or Instructor Trainer and fine tune your paddling technique to enjoy your time out on the water.

Chris Stec on the Selway River, Idaho
Paddle Safe - Paddle Often,
Christopher Stec
Safety Education & Instruction Department

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