Tuesday, February 3, 2009

The Places We Paddle

The lower canyons of the Rio Grande River
Whether it's rapids on a river, surfing a shore break, navigating islands in a tidal bay, to a calm section of a scenic lake. The ACA plays a direct role in safeguarding the venues you paddle in, as well as educating the public about best practices for paddlesports.

Diversity. Some ACA members focus only on sea kayaking, others spend their time choreographing their freestyle canoe routines, others canoe camp, and others compete in local and regional races, downriver and slalom. Other ACA members simply enjoy a calm evening paddle on the pond near their home.

No matter where you choose to paddle (or what type of boat you paddle), the ACA has your interests in mind as we work to fullfil our mission on behalf of all paddlers nationwide.
For more information about where to paddle or the ACA, please contact any of the ACA National Office Staff.

Chris Stec on the Selway River, Idaho
Paddle Safe - Paddle Often,
Christopher Stec
Safety Education & Instruction Department

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  1. IMHO there is no reason to differentiate between the multiple genres of paddling. If you're in a non-motorized watercraft and have a paddle in your hand then you are participating in a paddlesport. We are all one community. Live well and play hard.

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