Saturday, September 26, 2009

ACA National Club Rendezvous

I know everyone is anxiously awaiting the arrival of the ACA National Paddlesports Conference October 23-25 in Fredricksburg, VA. I'm no different.

The ACA has arranged a compelling agenda for members, clubs, instructors and vendors as a highlight of the status of paddlesports in the United States. I'm busy preparing some introductory materials for the "Clubs Roundtable Discussion" occurring within the National Club Rendezvous track of the conference.

This session, held for the first time last year, proved immensely successful in allowing open discussion of how clubs can better serve their own members, what clubs' needs are and how ACA and clubs can better serve each other's and paddlers' needs. We really hope you can make it to this session and bring with you a pocket full of good ideas to share with ACA and other clubs. Even if you cannot make it though, I invite you to send me your ideas prior to the conference so that I can help you promote them.

Paddling clubs ARE the grassroots of paddlesports in this country and your voice is important at the national level. When I ran for membership on the ACA Board of Directors, I did so on the platform of service to, and support of the club perspective. Having come from the presidency of my local club, I believed (and still do) that there can be a mutually beneficial relationship between ACA and these local organizations. Make your opinion a positive step in nurturing that relationship.

Larry Ausley

ACA Secretary and Board of Directors

ACA Recreation Committee Chair

L5 River and L3 Coastal Kayaking Instructor

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