Monday, October 26, 2009

On a regular basis, I receive Google Alerts in my e-mail box highlighting things that have been found on the web to include "American Canoe Association" or "ACA". It is amazing the number of agencies that use the acronym ACA...from the Arrowhead Christian Academy to the American Counseling Association.

Our ACA - The American Canoe Association - did come up with a few hits in early October that you might find interesting. Some highlight ACA Instructors and their programs while others highlight the recent canoe and kayak races right here in Fredericksburg, VA - the ACA's hometown!

Here are some recent articles that have ACA highlighted:

In the Greater Rappahannock Whitewater Canoe/Kayak races – Members of the ACA Staff and Board of Directors were present and accounted for. For specifics, be sure to check out the RESULTS

If you get an article posted on the web and happen to mention the ACA, be sure to drop us a line! We would love to share the info with our Bloggers.

On the note about Bloggers, as of 10/13/2009 we only have 38 folks following the blog. How can this be? Send the link to our blog to all of your paddling friends and lets see if we can hit 100 by the end of November.

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Jeremy Oyen
ACA Director - Safety Education and Instruction

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