Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Paddling Club Testimonial

Helen and daughter enjoying the local Rappahannock River
Dear Helen (ACA's Insurance Coordinator),

I wanted to tak a moment to express my great thanks and appreciation for all your hard work in support of our Pennsylvania Sojourns this year.

Your help was absolutely essential to our success. Your thoroughness throughout the season, attention to detail, and of course your warm and positive attitude made it a pleasure to work with you.

In short, we are very thankful to have ACA as a lasting partner in the Pennsylvania Sojourn program.

Jonathan Meade
Executive Director

1 comment:

  1. I want to second Jonathan's tribute...all the ACA staff do a great job. Also wanted to point out that the eastern PA sojourns greatly benefit from the assistance provided by the National Canoe Safety Patrol, which just added two ACA certified Instructor Trainers (Swifwater Rescue) to their ranks. They help the Delaware River Sojourn and Lehigh River Sojourn with safety and instruction every year.