Monday, February 22, 2010

ACA Haiti Fundraiser

American Red Cross
On March 6th, a group of ACA certified kayak instructors will be conducting instructional classes to benefit the American Red Cross efforts in Haiti. We invite anyone to participate in exchange for a donation of which 100% will be donated to the American Red Cross*. This event is being held at the Blue Moon Outdoor Center in the Oleta River State Park near Miami, FL.

Blue Moon Outfitters
We will begin lessons at 8 a.m. and continue throughout the day until sunset. Lessons will be given in approximately 2 hour blocks for the entire day. Gear is being provided by Blue Moon Outdoor Center. We do require reservations so please call Chris @ 305.407.7022 to reserve a space and gather additional information. This is a great opportunity to learn a great deal about paddling and give something back in the process. We can't wait to see you there!

*The American Red Cross name is used with its permission, which in no way constitutes an endorsement, express or implied, of any product, service, company, individual or political position. For more information about the American Red Cross, please call 1-800-HELP NOW or email

Read more about the ACA's Community Responsibility initiative.
Chris Smith
ACA, International Relations Intern

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