Friday, May 28, 2010

New ACA Member Benefit

ACA Member Benefit - River City Canoe & Kayak

Store owners Doug and Jessa offer ACA members a discount at their NEW store in Louisville, KY.

River City Canoe & Kayak started in 2009 with a very simple idea: Enjoy coming to work every single day. Based on that idea and their love of paddling River City Canoe & Kayak was born. region. They are a full service shop offering boats and accessories for canoes, recreational kayaks, fishing kayaks, whitewater enthusiasts, American Canoe Association certified instruction and boat repair.

The next guiding principle for their store was not to try to offer every product from every manufacturer under the sun. They carefully selected a number of manufacturers from each category they though offered the best value, and had the best in class reputation in the industry for their products. They know the owners or senior officers of nearly every single manufacturing company they work with, and work together with them to ensure you get the very best in quality for your gear.

The third and final guiding principle for their store is simple and yet seems to escape so many other retailers: all of their staff are paddlers, most are even certified with the American Canoe Association in kayaks, canoes and swift water rescue, and wilderness rescue medicine. When you ask their staff how a certain boat performs or feels, or which paddle they recommend you can trust the answer, because they were probably out that week paddling that very same boat or using that paddle. They will be willing to give you their honest and expert opinion.

Additional benefits of ACA Membership, America's oldest paddlesports organization.

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