Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Florida Canoe Instruction

2011 Florida Freestyle Symposium March 18th -21st in Yulee Florida

FreeStyle Canoeing is the "art and science" of precision paddling. FreeStyle Canoeing emphasizes smooth, efficient technique and precision boat control. FreeStyle techniques can be applied to all canoeing situations, from touring to whitewater. Freestyle instruction has been referred to as "Obedience Lessons For Your Canoe".

The Florida Freestyle Symposium is first and foremost about teaching. We will be offering classes from beginner level to advanced. If you are new to canoeing and still fighting to go straight or you're an expert looking to for that special edge, we've got classes for you. In addition to offering the complete ACA Freestyle curriculum ( Levels 1 through 5), we will be offering afternoon enrichment classes in the following topics.

• Heeling and Kneeling (how to confidently heel and pitch your boat to the rail)
• Classic Form (A review of classic FS technique)
• Touring Technique (Commonly known as hit and switch)
• Forward Stroke including the inside circle and X inside circle (advanced forward technique)
• Canadian Style paddling (just how it sounds)
• Creekin Freestyle (use of FS technique for navigating streams)
• Make Every Stroke Count (To be practiced on a buoy course)
• High Kneel Thrust (technique to enhance pitch and heel)
• Paddleography (How to develop an Interpretive FS routine)

Instruction will be by some of the best paddlers and instructors in the country. All are ACA certified. Classes are small with no more than 5 students per instructor.
On Saturday evening there will be a Giant Slalom Competition where freestyle maneuvers will be used to navigate a slalom course. On Sunday evening there will be an Interpretive Freestyle Exhibition, where freestyle technique and maneuvers will be combined with music in a manner similar to long program figure skating.

Low cost bunkhouse style accommodations as well as camping are available on site. A catered meal package is also available. Motels and restaurants for those that prefer, are a short distance away.

Combined with evening social activities and pre/post event trips being organized by some of the participants, the Florida Freestyle Symposium is excellent way to jump start the canoeing season.

For more information, go to, or contact Marc Ornstein by email at dogpaddle @

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