Monday, December 19, 2011

Instructor Audit, The End is Drawing Near

ACA Instructor Audit Information

Calling all Instructor Trainer Educators, Instructor Trainers, and Instructors! If your current certification is set to expire this year- you might want to ensure that you have met the re-certification requirements!

Please review the
ACA Policy Manual to find out the exact details pertaining to the maintenance of your specific certification.

If you do not foresee that you will be able to complete the recertification requirements by your expiration date, please consider completing an
extension form- the SEI Department will grant extensions on a case by case basis. Extensions allow an additional year to complete the recertification requirements. If you do not meet the recertification requirements, you will be sent a notification of your pending certification status and certification expiration date of 12/31/2011.

If you have taught courses and/or participated in an update: make sure it has been properly reported! Need to report a course or update you can do this from the
instructor forms page.

Also, if you have changed your email address, mailing address, or phone number, please let us know so that your certification cards and information get to you!

SEI Department

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