Friday, August 3, 2012

YOU are the face of the ACA.

 Send us your pictures to be featured in our photo albums! 

So often we post about what WE are doing. We write all the time about where Chris' next big presentation is, what event Trey recently traveled to, what new feature Kelsey has implemented to better serve our instructors, the new forms of insurance that Candy will assist you with to better support your events, where Cate's next Paddle Green event will be... and it's GREAT that you know all of these names because they are here to serve YOU. But we want to know what YOU are doing! How are you spending your time on the water? 

With members and instructors in every state and in 26 other countries, we want to hear about your experiences and what the ACA can do for you! 

Send us pictures of you in your favorite paddling places and you might see yourself in our next ACA Collage! We will be posting a collage each week featuring the faces, places, and paddlers that make up the ACA. 

E-mail your photos and message to to be included.

Be sure to check out some of our current photos on Facebook or our Picasa Web Albums!

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