Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Membership Benefit - Stewardship Support

Kayak clean-up
Like many in the paddling community, the ACA shares your concerns about the health of our paddling environments. The ACA is focused on maintaining and enhancing both the water quality and access points for waterways for paddlers at the local, regional and national levels.

ACA promotes Stewardship of the paddling environment in several ways:

  • We work for clean and healthy waterways, by supporting aggressive enforcement of the Clean Water Act, and sensible land use policies that will not adversely affect our nation's lakes, rivers and streams
  • Support the development and promotion of watertrails
  • We support the efforts of volunteers from local paddling clubs, by giving them the tools to undertake stewardship activities on their local waterways
  • We partner with L.L. Bean to provide funding to local paddling clubs for volunteer-driven stewardship activities through the Club Fostered Stewardship Program
  • We educate individual paddlers on their environmental stewardship responsibilities, and provide resources to local paddling organizations to assist with this education program.
To learn more about the many ways the ACA works hard to make our waterways more paddle friendly visit the Stewardship section of our website.

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