Thursday, December 6, 2012

Explore Alaska by Kayak!

Have you always wanted to explore the last frontier? Then you should consider joining the ACA on their excursion to Alaska! This 'teach & trek journey' will not only involve paddling skills, method of instruction, and navigation, but it will also include four day-trips in Resurrection Bay.

With a steep rugged coastline, roaring waterfalls, abundant wildlife, and the challenges of the Alaskan marine environment, this trip will be an epic exploration and exciting challenge for your skills and mind! 

This trip is an amazing deal. Included in the total coast are various options for potential certifications and upgrades. At no extra cost, you could potentially earn the following certifications:

  • ACA Level 3 & 4 "Updates" ($150 value)
  • ACA Level 3 & 4 ICE's ($345 value)
  • ACA Level 3&4 Skills Assessments ($125 value)
  • ACA Trip Leader Award ($150 value)
  • ACA Level 3 & 4 IT Mentorship 

Trip Details:
Dates: September 18-22, 2013
Location: Seward & Resurrection Bay, Alaska
Cost: $899
Hosts: Kayak Adventures Worldwide & ACA IT Tom Nickles

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