Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Rescue for River Runners Rescue Games

The first annual Rescue Games will be held in Sarapiqui Costa Rica Jan. 26 to Feb. 2 2013.

The concept behind this advanced training week is to allow teams of 4 to "Strut Their Stuff" and "Compete and Compare" their river rescue skills against other teams from around the world.

Each team is permitted to carry a minimal amount of equipment per person (4 caribiners, 3 pulleys, 2 prussiks, and one piece of tubular webbing) PLUS one specialized piece of equipment of their choice per team/day.

Daily competitions will consist of skills, drills and scenarios that will be judged on expertise, efficiency and expedience.

Evenings will consist of video review of the days events with expert analysis from the R3 Judging Team.

The Event winners will receive a $1000 cash prize to be donated to their registered "Rescue Organization of Choice." Currently registered organizations include:


American Whitewater (AW)

The Higgins and Langley Awards/Foundation

The Drowning Support Network

American Heart Association (AHA)

Visit for more information.

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