Monday, April 1, 2013

ACA Announces Purchase of Historic VA Lighthouse

     ACA Staff will Paddle to Work

The ACA recently purchased the Wolf Trap-Historic Lighthouse on the Chesapeake Bay.  The lighthouse is located three miles offshore, between the York & entrance to Rappahannock Rivers.  The existing 5-room structure was built in 1894 and is currently in need of extensive restoration. The original Wolf Trap Lighthouse structure was built in 1821, but the Civil War initiated a series of destruction and rebuilding until the "extra-resilient1894 version was finally built.

The ACA plans to move their national office to the lighthouse after the interior has been fully restored.  The ACA staff will be doing all the restoration work. The Fredericksburg office will remain open and will maintain normal business hours while restoration is in progress.  In keeping with the ACA's Stewardship program, all restoration will be done only with recycled, re-purposed and eco-friendly products.  The lighthouse includes a waterfront lot where the ACA plans to build a boathouse.  The staff will "commute" to the office by the paddlecraft of their choice.

ACA Executive Director, Wade Blackwood will also reside in a portion of the lighthouse along with his family.  

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