Friday, November 15, 2013

April Zilg Speaks to the Value of ACA SUP Instructor Certification

When April Zilg signed up for an ACA SUP Instructor Certification Course, she was skeptical. 

"At that point I realized that most watersport businesses saw the booming SUP industry and all wanted to jump in it to make some extra money," April said. She figured the ACA was just like the others. And she was quickly and happily proven wrong. 

The ACA SUP Instructor Certification curriculum is designed to produce quality instructors and instructor trainers committed to high levels of leadership and excellence in this new sport. It's a tough curriculum. But it's worth it. In April's own words, "The ACA certification holds merit."

You can read April's full story on the Distressed Mullet site, where she tells of her positive experience taking both level 1 and level 2 ACA SUP Instructor Certification Courses. 

Are you an instructor with a story to tell? Email us and let us know so we can feature you on the ACA Water Blog!

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