Thursday, February 12, 2015

5 Benefits of Pool Sessions

Winter got you down? Pool sessions are the answer! Practice your paddling skills indoors and get ready for the upcoming paddling season. 

Here are 5 reasons you should give pool sessions a try:

1. Predictable Environment
The pool setting can alleviate a great deal of anxiety by providing a comfortable and warm environment. This can make all the difference when learning or improving any paddling skill from bracing to rolling to bow stalling. Mastering a skill through mental and muscular repetition makes it much easier to perform in a more chaotic situation. Devoting even 15 minutes at a pool session can open new doors.

2. Get to Know Your Community
Attending a pool session can expose you to a wealth of knowledge and experience. In addition to the possibility of hearing tricks and techniques from certified kayak instructors you can also gain information on local river runs, projects and trip opportunities. Pool sessions are also a fantastic way to meet other kayakers with your same goals as well as kayakers with different skill sets. These connections can lead to friendships, paddling buddies and support your overall paddling goals.

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Photo: Zach Collier
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