Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Monster Deck Removal on the Upper Platte River

All photos by Norman Fred
The thought of a riverside deck in Northern Michigan brings pleasant, peaceful imagery to most dedicated river stewards. However, the ACA Paddle America Club Traverse Area Paddle Club did not share those sentiments when they encountered the “Monster Deck”, a large wooden platform that was washed away during a flood and deposited far downstream on the Upper Platte River near Honor, MI.

The deck was chopped in half using a chainsaw, and then moved out of the river piece by piece using a winch bought with funds supplied by the 2014 L.L.Bean Club Fostered Stewardship Grant

“[The winch] worked great and was the pivotal tool we needed to complete the task” said Norm Fred, Traverse Area Paddle Club member and one of the 6 man team who removed the deck. 

Thanks to the efforts of this crew, the cumbersome piece of debris was successfully removed from the Upper Platte. Additionally, all of the wood collected during the removal was either repurposed or recycled. 

Do you have a stewardship story to share? Email Zane Havens, ACA Stewardship Coordinator: zhavens@americancanoe.org, and tell him about what you're doing to clean up your local waterways. 

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