Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Welcome New ACA Public Policy Chief, Louis Metzger!

Please join us in welcoming our new Public Policy Chief, Louis Metzger, to the ACA team. Lou will work toward furthering the ACA’s positions on access and water stewardship. In addition to working with ACA staff, he will work with local, state, and federal government, environmental and other organizations, and will be the primary contact for the ACA with the Outdoor Alliance.
To learn more about Lou, click here!


  1. Welcome Louis! I'll start a call here for increased ACA advocacy at state and national levels for enhanced and easier access to public waters for ACA instructors to be providing paddlesports and safety education. Such access is currently difficult or impossible for many ACA instructors due to burdensome or unavailable permitting restrictions. ACA is looked to and relied upon as a national leader in paddlesports safety education by the US Coast Guard, but at the same time, has its potential programs severely limited by its instructors being able to utilize popular water bodies to conduct these courses due to other federal and state agencies' restrictions.

  2. Thanks Larry for introducing this topic which is very key for us as instructors and paddle America clubs to get out onto appropriate venues for education.

  3. What Larry said. I'd like to see some progress made in the area of permitting for ACA Courses.