Friday, July 15, 2016

News From Sugar Island

Sugar Island is located in the heart of the Thousand Islands in Gananoque, Ontario, Canada, which is an international tourism destination near the St. Lawrence Islands National Park. The 35 acre island is privately owned by the ACA and is available to all members for year round use.

Hello again campers and friends! As summer is upon us, there are a few very important topics the board of trustees would like to announce. First and foremost, the island was recently inspected by the Canadian Building Inspector. The result of this inspection is a new requirement that each platform or cabin deck two feet or more off the ground must have railings and spindles every four inches installed around the perimeter of decking. This must be completed immediately prior to using your site or upon arrival for the Sugar Island Encampment. This is a new regulation and it will be the requirement from this point forward for all campers with a yearly rental (platform/cabin). This upgrade will be at your own expense to bring your campsite up to code. We apologize for such short notice, as we were only notified this Spring after the island was inspected.

Secondly we are looking for a couple people to step up and help with the Sugar Island Web site. Preferably someone who has knowledge in Word Press. This person needs to be computer savvy and be willing to dedicate an hour a week. We are also looking for an editor to write some of the content for the site. Example – history page, fishing page, Sailing and paddling page. This would be the a great forum for young people to build their experience to use on his or her future resume. Please call Susan Blake at 201-741-2977 
if interested. Or contact any one of the board members.

Encampment Schedule

Opening ceremony will be held on Sunday July 24, 2016

Monday, July 25th will be BINGO night!

Tuesday, July 26th – Trustees Meeting 4:00 pm

Wednesday, July 27th – camp work day

Wednesday, July 27th Sugar Island Camp Meeting – Following Colors

Thursday, July 28th – Swim around the island 9:00 am

Thursday, July 28th – Encampment Dinner 6:00 pm

Friday, July 29th – Island Campfire (headquarters)

Sailing Race Schedule

Sunday July 24th opening day 2pm all classes (open canoe)

Monday July 25th 10am and 2 pm 5 meter race

Tuesday July 26th 10am and 2pm ACA Class Race

Arts and Crafts will be Monday – Wednesday – Friday of the first week: Time TBA

Additionally, an island clean-up run by Leslie Mengersen is scheduled for the second week run: time and date will be announced at the camp dinner!

Many sailing events will be on the schedule as well – we will have a list of those dates as well.

We have 2 platforms available – The one in sailors bay that Janie Mengersen used for the last few years and the Cassars. We want to let everyone know that these sites are available. Let us know if you’re interested in taking over that site.


Reflecting on the memories of the 2015 Encampment activities, news, and plans for Sugar Island in 2016

This past encampment, we enjoyed a number of activities and had a whole lot of fun. In addition to the yearly sailing and paddling races, members enjoyed camp crafts, a swim-around-the-island race, the Annual Camp Dinner, Bingo, and our ‘family favorite’ auction. The dinner was a huge success and a fun event with a large attendance as always. We are hoping to have additional activities scheduled for the 2016 encampment, like children’s activities and lessons.

The “Mom and Pop Springel Award” was awarded to the Dermond family, who continues with their dedicated work and commitment to Sugar Island, in the memory of a true Sugar Island Legend - Russel Dermond.

Sugar Island Encampment Race Results:

Open canoe 5 meters: (1) Tom Uebel, (2) Henry Breinig, (3) Marilyn Vogel

Around Sugar: (1) Mike Pirot, (2) Marilyn Vogel, (3) Tom Uebel, 4 Chuck Sutherland, 5 Henry Breinig

Champion Series: 1 David Breinig, 2 Marilyn Vogel, 3 Henry Breinig, 4 Mike Pirot

ACA Champion Series: 1 Marilyn Vogel, 2 Dave Breinig, 3 Chuck Sutherland, 4 Mike Pirot, 5 Henry Breinig

Additional groups visited Sugar throughout the year. A troop consisting of 31 Boy scouts and their leaders were at Sugar early in the summer. We are hoping they will come again next year. There was a large family and their friends that came in late August, utilizing more of Sugar during the season other than the encampment.

The trustees are looking for any ideas from other members to help generate more interest in using the island amongst fellow members within the ACA. We need your ideas to help build the future for Sugar Island. Please feel free to email Secretary Susan Blake at: if you would like to submit your ideas. We are always interested in growth and opportunities to benefit the island.

We are sad to say they we lost Sugar Island Legend, Larry Zuk, this past year. Larry would open the annual encampment with these fine words which should be repeated each and every year in his memory, “Remember those who went before you, and the work that they did.” Despite the rumors Larry did NOT invent the canoe or sailing it, he spent his life on the water, building boats and sailed in every capacity. As an ACA leader and member, he was involved his whole life and committed to the growth of Sugar Island and the canoe sport. He will be truly missed.

With the losses of Sugar Islanders Larry Zuk and Russel Dermond this past spring, it is now our responsibility to carry the baton at this point and continue with their hard work and dedication to this great island. Their attendance and commitment to the ACA and Sugar Island will be missed. The path of Sugar Island is now in our hands to maintain the traditions, create new traditions, and to promote and carry on. 

As you may be aware, the ACA has requested that Sugar Island submit a 5 year plan for the vision and future of Sugar Island and its development. Currently, the trustees are working on revising a plan to present the ACA. We would like to thank you for all of your input during the meeting this past encampment regarding the vision and development of this beautiful place. Thank you to those who worked very hard in drafting and compiling data for this plan. It has been a big help and has pointed us in the right direction in finalizing a completed plan.

Lastly, there is a trustee position available for the 2016-2020 term. If anyone is interested in filling that position, please contact one or all of the trustees with your request. We are looking forward to hearing from you!

We hope that 2016 will be a happy and healthy year. We hope to see you on the Island this summer!

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