Monday, November 7, 2016

Excellence in Instruction Award

The ACA is very pleased to announce that this year's Excellence in Instruction Award is presented to Lyle Phetteplace! This award is presented annually to an ACA member for his or her outstanding contribution to paddlesports instruction. 

Lyle is a currently certified ACA Level 4: Swiftwater Rescue Instructor Trainer and Level 4: Whitewater Kayaking Instructor Trainer. He is also certified as an ACA instructor in Level 2: Essentials of SUP, Level 5: Advanced Swiftwater Rescue, Level 3: Coastal Kayaking, and holds the Adaptive Paddling Endorsement. He is indeed an experienced and well-rounded instructor, who actively uses each of his certifications in his personal/recreational and professional life.

Lyle is the owner and operator of a Colorado-based paddling school called Renaissance Adventure Guides. His school employs a multitude of ACA certified instructors, and is well known in Colorado as being a premier paddling educational program. This paddling school offers year round instruction in Colorado and the surrounding states, as well as international paddling schools and certification programs in Central and South America. Lyle is the first ACA Instructor Trainer to offer River Safety & Rescue certification programs in Costa Rica.

In July of 2016, Lyle was recognized and awarded the “Lifesaving Award” by the Garfield County, Colorado Sherriff’s office for a kayak based rescue of an unresponsive woman. He is the only civilian to ever have received this award. He observed the scene from the river bank, and responded immediately and was able to rescue the woman, who had been floating in cold water for almost 5 miles, and who would have likely drowned if she had been flushed through a large rapid towards which she was drifting.

Lyle is a founder of the non-profit organization, Epic Experience. Epic is an adventure camp program for adult cancer survivors. The primary adventure activities of this camp program are whitewater kayaking and SUP. As the paddling program director for this organization, Lyle is responsible for maintaining absolute comfort and safety of these individuals, but also for facilitating their thriving in the face of cancer diagnosis and treatment via their experiences in learning to whitewater kayak and SUP.

In sum, Lyle is most deserving of this award due to the aforementioned details of his contributions to his local and national/international paddling community. An example of impeccable ethical and honorable character, Lyle has made a life changing impact on so many people who may not have otherwise been able to experience the joy of paddling. He truly does embody the ACA mission, and makes the world a better place to paddle.

Lyle, thank you for everything that you do for the paddlesports community! 

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