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ACA Outreach In China

ACA Outreach In China

Historical Overview:

Seven years ago, through the work of Dave Burden, the ACA's International Paddlesport Ambassador, the first ACA sanctioned club in China was opened on Fuyang Island. (insert the two attached pictures with red carpet and blue background with Coastlines logo). Several of the Coastlines Kayak Club staff received the ACA Level 2: Essentials of Kayak Touring Assessment. Coastlines co-founder David Chen continues to support the ACA's outreach in China.

Over the past several years, multiple ACA Instructors, Instructor Trainers and Instructor Trainer Educators have had the opportunity to teach a wide variety of Assessment courses and Instructor Certification Workshops (ICWs) in China. (insert kayak photo with ACA banner here)

• Dave Burden
• Juan Paulo Ceron
• Mark Carlson
• Dave Kessman
• Ben Lawry
• Ivan Bartha
• John Browning
• Larry Gioia
• John MacDonald
• Christopher Stec

From Level 1: Intro to SUP to Level 3: Coastal Kayaking to Level 4: Whitewater Kayaking to Adaptive Paddling Workshops, there are now multiple ACA certified Instructors across China.  In addition, over 100 ACA assessments have been awarded over the past few years. (insert SUP photo with ACA banner here)


On May 19, 2017, the ACA entered into a partnership with Zhejiang University. (use their logo and the photos where we are on stage signing the agreement)

After a series of meetings, a signing ceremony took place at the International Paddlesports Summit in Hangzhou in conjunction with the 120th anniversary of the University.

Zhejiang University is a national university in China.  Founded in 1897, Zhejiang University is one of China's oldest, most selective and most prestigious institutions of higher education.  It is a member of the C9 League, the Yangtze Delta Universities Alliance and the Association of Pacific Rim Universities.

Excerpt from the Strategic Partnership Agreement

In order to further the spread and promotion of paddlesports, and to advance the exchange and development of paddlesports between China and the USA, both parties held mutual and friendly consultation. By utilizing Zhejiang University’s hundred-year old educational influence, and American Canoe Association’s expertise in paddlesports, on the basis of the principles of “resource sharing”, “complementary advantages”, “emphasis on practical results”, “win-win cooperation”, both Parties have agreed to establish a stable and sustainable long-term partnership, and reached the following strategic partnership mutual understandings:

• Establish strategic partnership with the aim to keep it for the long term.

• Launch educational and instructional cooperation, ACA will assist Zhejiang University in establishing paddlesports curricula, the ACA will give its authorization to Zhejiang University to carry out ACA's existing paddlesports educational and instructional programs and establish an ACA accredited education and instruction headquarters on the Universities premises.

• Both Parties will provide each other with favorable conditions and treatment, forge a new developmental advantage, and work together to promote paddlesports in China’s schools.

We would like to thank ACA Instructor and teacher at Zhejiang University, Ge Wu for his continued assistance throughout this process. In addition, we have also been working with former Chinese National Team member and Sprint World Champion Ms. Shu Yaping from the University on this outreach project.

Collegiate Exchange Program:

The ACA is very excited to be able to provide an invitation to U.S. Colleges and Universities with a paddlesport program to conduct an exchange program with students and/or faculty with Zhejiang University's paddlesport program.

This is a unique opportunity to not only share our respective ideas on paddlesports, but also to enhance the cultural experience between our two countries.

If your College or University is interested in a paddlesports exchange program, please contact ACA Chief Operating Officer Christopher Stec for additional details.

Club Outreach:

The ACA is also commited to supporting the numerous paddling clubs that are arising throughout China

From offering Instructor Certification Workshops and Assessment Courses for clubs to special benefits to be found on the ACA's soon to be launched Chinese website, we realize the important role that paddling clubs are playing in growing various aspects of paddlesports throughout ChinaWe would like to thank the team at Zhouji Kayak Club as well as all the other paddling clubs that have already invested time and energy in enhancing the quality of their programs by parricipating in ACA instructional programs.

Next Steps:

Over the next few months the ACA will be setting up a Chinese website and payment platforms on AliPay and WeChat. 

We will continue to increase the translation (our Instructor Manual is currently in Mandarin) of relevant ACA documents and course criteria.

In addition we are considering potential staffing options based in China.

Special Thanks:

The ACA would also like to thank Dave Burden and Ivan Bartha for the significant amount of time, energy, and guidance that they have provided in regards to the ACA's growth in China.

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