Tuesday, January 16, 2018

The First Trashy Tuesday of 2018 Is Complete

We Turned Out For The First Trashy Tuesday of 2018

The first "Trashy Tuesday" of the new year is officially complete!  The ACA puts a priority on cleanup and environmental conservation.  The Trashy Tuesday tradition is a monthly river cleanup organized by the Willamette River Keepers and supported by the ACA and various municipalities throughout the Willamette River Valley. The cleanups take place along the full length of the Willamette River and several of its tributaries from Portland to Eugene Oregon. In Eugene the cleanups are scheduled for the 2nd Tuesday of each month and focus on a different section of river depending on the amount of trash. These cleanups are incredibly important because not only do they help keep the local communities safer, looking nicer and healthier; they also affect every community down river and even world wide as this trash has the potential to reach the ocean and end up anywhere on the globe, on a beach, in our fish or in the ocean’s depths. So find your local river cleanup opportunity and do your part to help.  Oregonians near the Willamette Valley who wish to get involved should visit williamette-riverkeeper.org.

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