Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Canoe Poling National Championships

A Texas Competitor

The 2009 Canoe Poling National Championships took place on May 29-30 on the Rapphannock River in Fredericksburg, VA.

Competitors from Maine, Texas, Michigan, New York, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, and Virginia competed in both wildwater and slalom races. Race organizer Ed Hayden also provided free canoe poling clinics on Thursday and Saturday.A competitor from Maine

The FreelanceStar wrote an article and produced a video clip of the races.

The ACA would like to extend a special thanks to the Virginia Outdoor Center for all of their assistance in making the 2009 Canoe Poling National Championships a success.

The 2010 Championships will be held on the Westfield River in Massachusetts at a date to be determined in May.

Visit the ACA's Canoe Poling webpage for more information about the race and the art of canoe poling.

Chris Stec on the Selway River, Idaho
Paddle Safe - Paddle Often,
Christopher Stec
Safety Education & Instruction Department

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