Friday, July 3, 2009

Celebrate Independence With Life Jacket Wear

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Independence Day weekend is one of the heaviest traffic times of the summer travel season, and the water is no exception. Just as seatbelt wear is a natural part of driving to your celebration destination, routine and consistent life jacket wear should also be a part of all water activities during the holiday and the rest of summer boating season.

Independence Day weekend is one of the top times for boating accidents. By making sure everyone on a boat ride takes advantage of a life jacket by choosing to
“Wear It!,” boaters can take the No. 1 step toward greater water safety.

There’s no reason why everyone can’t have fun on the water while also choosing to always wear a life jacket. Because the weekend of the Fourth may be one of the only times some people get on a boat the entire summer, every boat operator needs to remember to share the "Wear It!" message.

Approximately 90 percent of recreational boating drowning victims weren’t wearing a life jacket. Fortunately, life jacket wear is easy and convenient with a range of today’s comfortable, stylish styles. 

Remember, a life jacket’s not going to do any good unless you’re wearing it. The bulky styles that may have discouraged life jacket wear in the past have been replaced by superior options that both feel and look good. It’s especially important for novice boaters who are planning to take to the water this Independence Day holiday to be prepared: Do like other smart boaters and "Wear It!"
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Virgil Chambers
Executive Director
National Safe Boating Council

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