Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Give Thanks & Paddle Locally

Serenity, a paddling benefit
Can you remember who initially introduced you to paddling?
  • Was it canoeing on the lake at Boy Scout camp?
  • Was it learning to whitewater kayak through your college outing club?
  • Was it a family rafting trip one summer?
  • Did you join a club to tour a section of your local creek via kayak?
As this season of thanks is upon us, consider introducing a family member to the joys and beauty associated with exploring your local waterway. The inherent value of spending time afloat on our natural resources is tremendous.

An appreciation for nature, combined with a healthy active outdoor lifestyle, now that's a combination that is hard to beat.

For more information about paddling opportinuties in your area, contact a local paddling club.

Remember, wear your lifejacket and enjoy part of your Thanksgiving holiday out on the water, we'll see you there.

The ACA National Office Staff

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  1. This post touches at the heart of why I love paddling. It brings me back to those easy years as a young boy scout who found solace in the quiet rythms of canoeing.

    I'm trying to maintain similar tones in my adult life by running a website devoted to paddling and the paddling community.

    Keep up the good work ACA!

    Jason C.
    Paddle | Community | Kayak