Sunday, January 2, 2011

ACA & River Gauges

The ACA & USGS team up
Do you ever use the USGS river gauge pages?

If so, you should begin to notice that on a wide range of frequently paddled rivers, a Boating Safety Tips link is now there.

Imagine, the number of people, especailly those new to paddlesports, who will now have the opportunity to "learn a little more" than the river level before heading out. Who knows, one of those tips might even save their life.

Help the ACA spread the word, and keep people safe out on the water.

*Special thanks to ACA volunteer Kirk Havens, and John Malatak of the U.S. Coast Guard for spearheading this noteworthy initiative. Additional thanks to the staff at the USGS for their significant efforts towards making this project a reality.


  1. great to see a wonderful idea is being implemented!

  2. It truly was a joint effort between the 3 organizations, the ACA, the USCG and the USGS.