Thursday, January 20, 2011

Nantahala Access Update!

ACA Legends of Paddling Award Recipient Payson Kennedy guides a group of ACA members through Nantahala Falls
Legends of Paddling Award Recipient Payson Kennedy guides ACA members through Nantahala Falls.

The U.S. Forest Service announces additional Temporary Special Use Permits for the Nantahala River.

The ACA recognizes that there are a wide diversity of users seeking access to this classic whitewater river and the U.S. Forest Service has been faced with a challenging situation.

Although the decision of District Ranger Michael Wilkins of the Nantahala Ranger District is a step in the right direction, it ultimately fell short of providing the appropriate acccess needs to the diverse range of groups involved.

The ACA will continue to work on behalf of all paddlers to improve access to the Nantahala River in western North Carolina.

During this process, the ACA partnered with American Whitewater as well as the Carolina Canoe Club. Read the joint comments.

Read District Ranger Wilkins letter to interested parties pertaining to the new Nantahala River Temporary Special Use Permit Issuance.

As we move forward, we need your input as we continue to advocate for appropriate access to the Nantahala River for a variety of paddling groups.

Please email your thoughts, suggestions and comments to the ACA Director of Stewardship & Public Policy.

Thank you for your continued support as we continue to work on behalf of paddlers on public policy issues from coast to coast.


  1. I do not understand the "Forest Service" and "permit" thing. In New York, if the river has water, we just get out there and run it.

  2. I want to emphasize that ACA's work on this issue was also at the national level, in an attempt to positively influence National Parks Service policy across the country on behalf of paddlers. It's still a long row to hoe.

  3. Correction: I meant to say that ACA had worked with the US Forest Service nationally rather than the National Park Service.

  4. Public policy on issues related to paddlesports continues to be a priority for the ACA's Stewardship & Public Policy Department, both on the local and national levels.

  5. I count 6 people W/O HELMETS on W/W hemmmmm is the message we want to send....Dummies..

    Dave Thomas

  6. The ACA requires helmets in whitewater for all of our skill, assessment and certification courses nationwide. The USFS requires helmets for commercial rafting trips on several southeastern rivers, but currently not the Nantahala.

  7. Think about the photo and those who will see they know that the
    Nanny is the only river they don't have to wear helmets...I mean really...