Thursday, October 13, 2011

Race at SUP Summit

ACA SUP Summit competed in the Inaugural KFC Mayor's Cup on Saturday October 1st in Louisville, KY. Despite cold weather and windy condition summit attendees and ACA staff got on the water with the rest of the competitors to help promote paddlesports and SUP. ACA Instructor, Trainers and Educators took some high honors in the race.

SUP Mens:

1. Charlie MacArthur - 40'27.08''

2. Josh Hall - 41'46.50"

3. Keith Keller - 43'18.07"

4. Chris Stec - 53'01.09"

5. Trey Knight - 58'42.60"

SUP Womens:

1. Kristen Beck - 63'01.16"

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