Monday, October 31, 2011

Ramping it up!

Wintergreen Adaptive Sports (WAS) is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing recreational opportunities, including kayaking and canoeing, to people with disabilities. This year, the ACA awarded WAS with a grant under our Club Fostered Stewardship (CFS) Program to help increase access for students with mobility challenges by constructing a boating platform in front of a ramp used by students with wheelchairs, crutches, or canes.

The ramp and platform face Lake Monocan at Wintergreen Resort in Nellysford, VA, where much of the kayak and canoe instruction is done. WAS was able to leverage funds provided by the ACA through grants awarded by the National Water Safety Congress and Disabled Sports/ USA.

WAS’ new boating platform allows students with disabilities, and particularly those in wheelchairs, to come down the ramp directly onto a stable, solid platform. The platform provides students and instructors secure and stable footing to teach, stage, and launch boats, while also protecting Lake Monocan’s bank and shoreline from erosion.

The ACA is proud to have been able to contribute to this project and to WAS’ mission.

Learn more about our Club Fostered Stewardship Program or apply for a grant today!

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