Wednesday, February 15, 2012

AORE & ACA - New book

19 different ACA Instructors and Instructor Trainers contributed to a new book, Outdoor Program Administration, edited by the Association of Outdoor Recreation and Education (AORE) and published by Human Kinetics.

Special thanks to the following ACA members:
  • Geoff Harrison - Editor
  • Amy Anslinger
  • Brent Anslinger
  • Todd Bauch
  • Bryan Cavins
  • Jerome Gabriel
  • Steven Guthrie
  • Will Hobbs
  • Steve Hutton
  • Leigh Jackson-Magennis
  • Rob Jones
  • Jennifer Kafsky
  • Todd Miner
  • Bruce Saxman
  • Brien Sheedy
  • Christopher Stec
  • Tom Stuessy
  • Jeff Turner
  • Mark Wagstaff
The ACA is proud to have been able to support another organization in their efforts to promote water based education.

Did you know, AORE and the ACA recently signed a new partnership agreement?

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