Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Making Wisconsin a Better Place to Paddle!

"The City of Prairie du Chien's efforts to increase canoeing and kayaking on the Mississippi River have been greatly improved with the announcement of a $1,000 grant from the ACA."
- January 20th press release announcing being an ACA CFS Grant recipient

 The soon-to-be upgraded Washington Street Park

2012 brings with it many new and exciting stewardship initiatives to help improve our waters and paddling experiences! The Great Rivers Paddling Club is partnering with the City of Prairie du Chien to help revitalize the Washington Street Park and its waterfront. The club was awarded $1,000 to go towards the construction of a new dock and storage building for canoes and kayaks to increase recreational paddling on the Marais de Saint Feriole, the Mississippi River slough between the mainland and St. Feriole Island. 

“We sincerely appreciate the donation from the ACA and their CFS program,” said Aaron Kramer, Prairie du Chien City Administrator. “I have been very proud of the work undertaken by Park and Recreation Director Mike Ulrich, and the commitment of our Parks and Public Works Committees to this initiative. In addition to the work at Washington Park, we are excited to be adding a canoe and kayak launching area at the Campion Street Boat Landing in 2012.”

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