Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Individual Membership Levels of Support

Did you know that there are Individual Membership levels that you may choose from when you renew or become a member of the ACA?  It's true, the ACA has Bronze, Silver, Gold and Green levels of individual membership.  What's more, individuals who join the ACA at these higher membership levels receive added benefits in addition to the standard membership benefits.

The ACA Logo T-Shirt is one of the additional benefits of joining at the Bronze Paddle membership level.

You may choose one of the two "Essentials..." books at the Silver Paddle membership level.

At the Gold Paddle membership level one of the benefits is one complimentary registration to the ACA National Paddlesports Conference.

The Green Paddle membership level allows you to choose a custom ACA canoe or kayak paddle from Foxworx Paddles.

Learn more about the benefits associated with these higher levels of ACA membership.

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