Thursday, June 27, 2013

Adirondack Canoe Symposium

              The Adirondack Canoe Symposium 2013 
                      July 7-13, Ray Brook NY 12977

The 2013 Adirondack Canoeing Symposium is on scenic Wolf Pond in Ray Brook New York. For 2013, the Symposium expands to seven days to allow participants to explore the mountains and split course studies with a rest day.  

Mornings focus on solo coursework emphasizing competent paddling; extreme heels and stances relegated to specific courses.  Paddlers may mix courses in Monday-Tuesday and Thursday-Friday groupings. 

Tandem coursework occurs afternoons to allow solo paddlers to experience FreeStyle’s duality in two groupings.  Afternoon Special Solo Topics include Paddling the Inside Circle, Sit & Switch Touring, Creek Running, Canadian Style Solo, High Kneel Thrusts, Gimbals and Private sessions with an Instructor of choice.  

The expanded format allows paddlers to pick two separate instructional tracks and combine courses with recreational options. Opt for the day-long paddle trip including instruction with NYS Guide Griz Caudle and others of the Instructor corps or spend a day hiking, golfing, shopping or site seeing in the High Peaks.  The Symposium is a relaxed vacation opportunity for paddlers and their non-paddling family.  

Email with questions or to register.

The Adirondack [Technical] Canoeing Symposium offers a relaxing immersion in the skill intensive sport of Canoeing.  Come tune-up your canoe!

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