Monday, June 10, 2013

Worldwide Voyage Update!

Over the weekend, the Polynesian Voyaging Society launched its Worldwide Voyage. Two voyaging canoes set sail on a 36-month expedition, navigating 46,000 miles of waterways going to 21 countries with 65 planned land falls.
On the Pacific leg of the journey, the crew will sail without  any modern instruments or technology and use only traditional Polynesian navigational techniques.

The mission of the voyage is to "navigate toward a healthy and sustainable future for ourselves, our home (the Hawaiian Islands), and our Island Earth through voyaging and new ways of learning." 

The ACA staff and Board Members were in Hilo, Hawaii to help launch the voyaging canoes on their journey. ACA Executive Director, Wade Blackwood, and ACA Board Member, Kirk Havens, gave the Polynesian Voyaging Society a commemorative plaque at the Worldwide Voyage ceremony. 

The ACA will continue to support the Worldwide Voyage and will be assisting in the coordination of the canoes east coast landings along the United States in 2016. 

For more info on this amazing voyage, click here

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