Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Are You Ready to Challenge Yourself This Winter?

We're excited to be one of the sponsors for this year's Winter Challenge Off-Road Triathlon! For the past 10 years, the Winter Challenge has drawn athletes from all around the Southeast to the pristine rural environs of Dome Farms, just outside of Springfield, South Carolina. 

The 23-mile race consists of a 7-mile trail run, 6-mile kayak, and 10-mile mountain bike and draws a wide assortment of competitors, ranging from fierce triathletes to first-timers. Ultimately, the challenge comes more from how hard you push yourself and less from the difficulty of the course itself.

Top 3 things to expect from this one-of-a-kind race:
  1. One of the most unique and beautiful settings you've ever raced on. Dome farms, situated on the Edisto River Swamp, offers countless miles of diverse off-road trail, plus a 75-acre pond where you'll get your paddle on.
  2. Competition and camaraderie. The fellowship of the Winter Challenge and the post race festivities lend themselves to camaraderie found at few other venues. Stick around and make a few new friends. 
  3. You will have a good time, guaranteed. We go to great lengths to ensure that both newcomers and alumni have one of the best days of their season. It's because of this that we see the same people coming back to race the Winter Challenge year after year. 
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Look for ACA prizes at the event!

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