Thursday, January 30, 2014

Safe Sea Kayaking - DVD, CD-ROM & Teacher's Guide

Decide to Return: A Strategy for Safe Sea Kayaking explores the conscious decisions and unconscious choices that we make every time we leave the shore. Sometimes these choices mean the difference between a safe outing and disaster.

Kate and Jack experience a gamut of hazards on their brief outing. Some are courtesy of Mother Nature but others they've brought upon themselves. This DVD will give you practical information and food for thought so you'll be prepared for your next sea kayaking adventure.

Follow Kate and Jack as their skill, preparedness and equipment choices shape the day. Will their decisions seal an unpleasant fate or enable a safe return?

Also included is a CD-Rom containing a teacher's guide in PDF format and a Power Point presentation to be used in conjunction with the video. Both answer viewer questions, provide group discussion points and explain in more detail the accident process theory. These invaluable support materials will make Decide to Return a worthy part of any outdoor training program. 

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