Saturday, May 23, 2015

Happy Stewardship Saturday

Welcome to the long weekend! This Stewardship Saturday, we're highlighting the great work of the Colorado River Alliance. As one of the ACA's 2015 Club Fostered Stewardship (CFS) Grant recipients, Colorado River Alliance is planning to use its grant money to form a new volunteer group to assist with their annual cleanup that draws an average of 800 volunteers each year. 

The Lake Travis Cleanup is the largest and oldest water-based cleanup in Texas. This 20 year-old event has removed over 105 tons of trash from 10 shoreline and 10 underwater sites in Lake Travis, which is part of the Texas Colorado River. For the 21st Annual Lake Travis Cleanup, the Colorado River Alliance will enhance the effectiveness of its environmental and social impact by engaging the paddling community in the Austin area to form a new volunteer group: The Lake Travis Cleanup Paddling Pioneers. 

With the support of event Partners, this volunteer group will muster approximately 100 canoes and kayaks (with 1-2 persons per vessel) to remove litter from the shoreline and shallow water areas within ten parks. 

Through funds provided by L.L. Bean, the ACA's Club Fostered Stewardship (CFS) Program has provided nearly $130,000 to over 135 different stewardship initiatives since its inception thirteen years ago. 

Inspired to start your own local stewardship project? Apply for the CFS grant next year! Get more information here. Or just order yourself a Paddle Green Bag and take it with you the next time you hit the water. 

Stewardship Saturday is an ongoing theme of the ACA Water Blog where we we shine a spotlight on organizations and individuals who are working hard to make the world a better place to paddle. Want to be featured? Email ACA Communications Coordinator Catharine Lloyd at and tell her all about the stewardship work you are doing in your local community.

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