Monday, August 22, 2016

Paddler Relies on ACA Instruction to Save a Life in the Surf

"This weekend we (me and my kids) were SUP surfing at Assateague, Maryland when someone from the shore was flagging us down. Her husband had gone for a swim and was caught in a riptide. I think my forward stroke was faster then Connor Baxter. When I got there, he had just gone down. I was able to get him back up, and then I did the flip technique [I learned in my SUP course] to get him on my board and get the leash on him.

My daughter got there and we tied her board to my board and she paddled the 2 boards back to the beach. I was swimming next to the board to make sure he stayed on and was safe.

All was well—so thanks for teaching me how to flip someone on my board—it saved someones life."

- Gary Rottman, in an email to Todd Bishop (ACA L3 SUP Surf Instructor) last week.

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