Friday, December 18, 2009

Christmas Gift

Lifejackets save lives!As the holiday season approaches, consider a gift that might save a life.

Although it might be cold and snowy now, the spring rains and warm summer months will be here before we know it and paddlers across the country will be out on the water.

Did you know:

In over 90% of the recreational boating fatalities in 2008, the victims were not wearing a lifejacket.

Don't let a friend or loved one become a statistic. Give the gift that might save their life, but remember they must Wear It! for it to work.

Essential paddling gear for any trip includes: boat, paddle, and LIFEJACKET

For information about how to choose an appropriate lifejacket (PFD), visit the ACA's Additional Resources.

Have a happy holiday season, but plan ahead on how to be safe on the water in the new year.

Chris Stec on the Selway River, Idaho
Paddle Safe - Paddle Often,
Christopher Stec
Chief Operating Officer

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