Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Fishing anyone?

Always wear your Lifejacket!
The holiday season brings many things: hope, togetherness, good food and last but not least my annual struggle to find the perfect gifts for my family. This year I found the process much easier thanks to kayak fishing.

Saltwater fishing has always been a staple in our household and this year’s economy and high gas prices have kept us looking for less expensive ways to get to the fish. Sitting out back staring us right in the face sat our kayaks. Typically the kayaks represent a fun weekend or evening way to relax and enjoy the outdoors but we had never considered using them to reel in the big ones!

Now, after a few test runs we are “hooked” so to speak. So this year Santa will be bringing fun accessories to make our experience smooth and safe. Just another reason to love paddling, great gift ideas!

An up and coming kayak fishing ACA Staff member

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