Friday, April 20, 2012

Paddling towards a cleaner planet!

I'm proud to be a part of the the ACA who speaks for our waters, which you seem to be polluting without being bothered. Also in charge of the eddies and holes that paddlers like to play in and practice their rolls. SUPing on lakes or paddling the New, we all know the value of clean waters and views. Now, thanks to your damming and trashing and litter, paddlers and animals will start to be bitter! 

But we will not quit or run away with fear; we know that a cleaner planet is soon to be near! We value our waters for the fish and best lines, so we will continue improving the signs. Against the odds and the waste and the greed, we work to make sure that all our runs are freed. Freed for today and the day after that, for paddlers to come and new oyster spat.

We speak for the rivers who cannot speak for themselves. Keep your waters clean with these great bags on our shelves!

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