Wednesday, April 4, 2012

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Carving Out of an Eddy (Peel out with style!!)

Want to get really proficient running rivers? A basic skill for Stand Up Paddling rivers is the ABILITY TO EDGE YOUR BOARD INTO ONCOMING CURRENT! DO not waste time catching rails every time you paddle into a new current! To learn more check out RiverSUP in the ACA eStore.

Establishing yourself in the new downriver current while maintaining balance and speed is paramount to any river paddler. Working on mastering the skill of progressive edging while accelerating your board forward will keep you upright and smiling!

Step one:

Point your board upstream in a river right eddy. Assume a staggered stance facing the downstream current for the best for/aft and lateral balance.

If 12 o’clock is straight up the main current, then point the nose of your board at one o’clock, slightly to the right of the direction of the oncoming water.

Tilt your board slightly onto what will become the downstream rail or edge. This is a"#1" edge.
Paddle forward smoothly on the either side of the board as needed. It is important to accelerate your board at least a board length into the new current.

As your nose enters the current, tilt your board to a “#2” edge.
When your board is 90 degrees or broad side to the current, Your edge should ideally be a “#3” or higher.

Maintain sufficient edge right to the end of the peel out to avoid catching the upstream rail.

Smoothly flatten the board only when facing downstream or parallel the current.

Adjust your exit angle out of the eddy according to the speed of the downriver current and the “looseness” or turnability of your board:

The faster the current and the looser (turnable) your board is, the higher or more upstream angle you will want to have paddling out of the eddy.

The slower the current and the less turnable your board is, the more cross current you will want to exit the eddy.

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