Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Tigris River Flotilla

Dave Burden, the International Paddlesports Ambassador for the ACA, is currently assisting organizers of the Tigris River Flotilla. An initiative of Nature Iraq, the Tigris River Flotilla project will take activists on a journey down the Tigris River using traditional vessels in order to document and bring awareness to the threats facing this robust river ecosystem. 

Dave crafting a SUP paddle in Turkey before heading to Iraq.

Over the next two months, the paddlers and boatmen of the Tigris River Flotilla will stage a series of events starting in Hasankeyf, Turkey, and continuing down the Tigris to the delta in the marshes of Southern Iraq. The ACA is supporting Dave as he trains and assists the organizers of this project, helping to ensure that they are safe on the river and able to teach basic paddling skills to the regional residents they meet along their journey.

Group listening to a sitar in a cave in Turkey before heading to the river. 

Learn more about Dave and the important work he is doing to support the Tigris River Flotilla:

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