Wednesday, June 18, 2014

New Waterproof Cards Make Tracking Trash a Breeze

Click the picture to learn more about this new tool for paddlers

Hey there, friend. We just want to say you are doing a great job! As a paddler, you don't rely on gas, oil, or anything but your own human strength to propel you through the water, and that is simply awesome. You and your boat are non-polluting partners for life!

Our waterways desperately need more help from environmentally-responsible outdoor enthusiasts like you. By joining the ACA's Stream to Sea Initiative, you will start making a bigger difference today. 

It's as easy as these 3 steps

  1. Take an ACA Paddle Green Bag with you every time you paddle.
  2. Pick up the trash you see along the way. (Discarded water bottles, cans, and plastic bags are just a few examples of some common items that pollute our rivers, damage and kill wildlife, and eventually end up in our oceans.)
  3. Later, when you are back on land, fill out one of our new Stream to Sea cards (pictured above) and easily upload this data using our simple online Track Trash form. 
Join the movement to clean up our nation's waterways. Streams, rivers, lakes, oceans--they all need our help more than ever. 

Thank you for helping us put an end to marine debris once and for all!

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