Monday, January 5, 2015

Nine Days in the Wilderness: An Old Man, His Son, And a Canoe

"We all know there’s a last time for everything but so often in life we don’t recognize one as such until long after it has passed—the last conversation I had with Gram, the last time I took Mom out for a drive in the country, the last time I read “The Night Before Christmas” to the kids. This one I do recognize. I’ve pretty much understood all along this will likely be my farewell canoe trip and that has focused my mind. Been paying close attention. Haven’t missed much. My notebook’s full. Long after we’ve hauled out and strapped the canoe back on top of Jimmy’s van, I’ll continue to appreciate what we needed to do to get here. Not just the paddling, but everything else, too. This is a gift, one that in no small way helps ease the loss."

Click here to read Jim Doherty's beautiful account of his "Last Trip to Quetico." 

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