Friday, January 30, 2015

How Do You Paddle Green?

For those who know the joys of paddling or love being in or around water corridors, nothing is more important than the stewardship of our waterways. The unique connection between paddlers and the natural world is what drives the ACA’s stewardship program. 

Michelle and Jayson Huston are ACA members who frequently paddle the Potomac River near their home in West Virginia and use their Paddle Green Bags to pick up any trash they encounter along the way.

Here's what Michelle had to say about the photo of her husband above:

"Some of the last accessible water on the upper Potomac (Taylor's Landing) turned out to be an area that's going to take a lot more clean-up effort to make a dent in. With our fish/safety gear, we ran out of room in the boat hauling this load back up river for pack out, sadly. Really impressed with the ACA Paddle Green Bags, though; each weighted a good 60-70lbs and took both of us to lift. We were afraid they'd rip, but neither one even popped a stitch!"

An estimated 6.14 million tons of debris enter marine environments each year. And 80% of this debris is land-based trash that enters oceans via freshwater rivers and streams.

As paddlers, we can make a difference! Join the ACA Stream to Sea Initiative today and help stop marine debris at its source. 

Whenever you grab your paddle, make sure you grab a Paddle Green Bag, too. 

Do you have a Stewardship story to tell? Email for a chance to be featured on the Water Blog and ACA social media. 

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