Friday, May 20, 2011 Dodge Havens

"You will be traveling through monumental country". It was the word "monumental" which caught my attention when reading Slickrock Expeditions owner and guide Burt Kornegay's email regarding a trip developed in partnership with the ACA. Now, I think I have been fortunate in my paddling experiences in my 58 years of life. I have paddled war canoes in Canada, outriggers in Hawaii, dragon boats in Hong Kong, sea kayaks in New England, and even a dugout canoe in the Brazilian Amazon. I have seen some spectacular scenery, but "monumental" sounded intriguing. Other aspects of the trip down the Lower Canyons section of the Wild and Scenic River called the Rio Grande also interested me. Although I have done a lot of paddling in my life, I have done precious little camping. What little camping I have done was not primitive or isolated - more of the "overnighter at a local park with my children when they were young" variety. I wanted to experience a real wilderness canoe/camping trip before I got too old, and I was afraid that time was fast approaching. The fact that this trip was sponsored by the ACA, and that ACA Chief Operating Officer Chris Stec and his wife Claudette, whom I had previously met and liked, were going gave me that little extra motivation to actually decide to do it.

The email from the ACA said only two spots remained...

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