Monday, October 28, 2013

Kudos to Landmark Learning!

ACA Instructors, Justin and Mairi Padgett, have just been recognized in the Sylva Herald, a local newspaper in Jackson County, North Carolina. 

The couple founded Landmark Learning in the mid 1990s. Based out of Cane Creek in Jackson County, NC, Landmark Learning offers outdoor education and certification courses in wilderness first-aid, EMT, swiftwater rescue, First Responder, and more. 

The courses--many of which are taught by ACA certified instructors--attract outdoor enthusiasts from around the globe.

The ACA would like to congratulate Justin and Mairi on their continued success, and thank them for their immense contributions to outdoor education!

P.S. Landmark Learning played a key role in the ACA's Swiftwater Rescue Conference that took place this past weekend. Check out our facebook page for photos from the event! 

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