Tuesday, October 22, 2013

VA Collegiate Race

This past Saturday, Hollins University and Sweet Briar College participated in the VA Collegiate Race. The two teams raced K1, OC1, and OC2 down the Rappahannock River in Fredericksburg, VA.

It was an excellent event with everyone looking out for one another on the course. The water level was about 325 cfs which is higher than it has been in the previous two years. 

Hollins was the team champion at the end of the day, but both teams put in a great effort! Special thanks to the volunteers and the Virginia Outdoor Center (VOC) for their support of this successful race.

Official results are as follows:

Sam Hopkins, Hollins, 12:12
Gabi Pendleton, Hollins, 12:34
Emily Dallas, Sweet Briar, 12:35 (2nd Run)
Victoria Wolfgang, Sweet Briar,  12:48
Jessica Michael, Hollins, 12:59
Sienna Hosbrock, Sweet Briar, 13:47
DJ Gallagher, Sweet Briar, 15:01 (2nd Run)
Kayla Deur, Hollins, 25:28

Pendleton/Deur, Hollins, 11:48
Leas/Gilbert, Hollins, 11:52
Dovgan/Hopkins, Hollins, 11:59
Michael/Pedroza, Hollins, 13:18
Adelberg/Harrison, Hollins, 15:13

Emily Dallas, Sweet Briar, 13:16
Devon Dovgan, Hollins, 14:00
Megan Gilbert, Hollins, 17:25
Randi Perdroza, Hollins, 30:06

Nice job, everyone! 

Want to start a Regional Collegiate Championship Race near you? Contact the ACA Competition Department.

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